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The active agent and generic name for Zanaflex is Tizanidine. These medicines are generally released I form of pills which contain two or four mg of the main matter. The medical preparation is agonist of alpha2-adrenergic receptors located in the central nervous system at a supraspinal and spinal levels. Consequently, polysynaptic transmit excitation is stopped at the intermediate neurons of the spinal cord. The activity of Zanaflex generic usually shows 1-2 hours after applying and can last for six-eight hours. You can order the medicine at the best price online through our internet portal.

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Zanaflex characteristics online

It would be better for you and your health to consult a doctor or read a full instruction of the drug before beginning of medication applying. Often generic Zanaflex is recommended for persons suffer from muscular pain and spasm under such diseases as chronic myelopathy, cerebrospinal sclerosis, radicular, osteochondrosis, hemiplegia, cervical syndrome, spondylosis, post-operational painful spasms, disease of spinal cord, posttraumatic neck and lumbar syndrome and so on. If you are looking for Zanaflex generic name, then our informational portal help you to buy the necessary drug online 24 hours.

Contraindications of the medication Zanaflex applying without prescription

The medical preparation is mainly contraindicated in some cases of

  • Lowered blood pressure;
  • Liver impairment;
  • Allergic reactions on the drug or its components;
  • Renal insufficiency;
  • Brachycardia;
  • Some heart diseases;
  • Children;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Some aged patients;
  • Cardiac failure
  • Some others.

Zanaflex medicines side effects

If you buy generic for Zanaflex online then you should know about possibility appearance of side effects in some persons which can be accompanied with such symptoms as nausea, dizziness, hallucinations, diarrhea, blisters, chest aches, maldigestion, syncope, dryness in mouth, hypersomnia, stomach spasm, black stool, nervousness, indistinct vision, skin ulcer, insomnia, muscular weakness, acute hepatitis, lowering of arterial pressure, asthenia, withdrawal syndrome and some others. Usually, all signs listed above disappear after discontinuation of the medication.

Zanaflex applying no rx under the female gestation and breast-feeding

It is forbidden to take this medication during pregnancy. It is also contraindicated for its applying in the lactation period.

Zanaflex interaction chiefly buying in online pharmacy

It may be very dangerous the synchronous application of these medicines with such matter and medicamental preparations as

  • SSRIs;
  • Tramadol;
  • MAOIs;
  • Ultram;
  • Alcohol;
  • Pain-killers;
  • Diuretics;
  • Paxil;
  • Ultracet;
  • Barbiturates;
  • Ethanol;
  • Analgetics;
  • Corticosteroids;
  • Anticoagulants;
  • Some others medicamental agents.

Ways of Zanaflex application drug online and its dosing

Usually, the initial dose is 2-4 mg three times per day. But in some cases physician can increase the dosage to six mg. If the patient has severe pain or spasm it may be recommended to take one dose before sleep. It is forbidden to apply more than 36 mg per day. Very often for many persons the effective dose is 12-24 mg/day. Only doctor can prescribe optimal correct dosage for each patient individually.

The effective date of Zanaflex meds no prescrip

The medication can be generally used during only three years. Don’t employ this medicant after the expiration date.

Medication Zanaflex

Keep the medical preparation Zanaflex at room temperature (about 25C), in dark and dry place away from your children.

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